Dog School, Nerja

I became involved with rescue dogs completely by chance when my own dog was hit by a car and died. I wanted to do something good for dogs in his honour so I began volunteering at a local refuge. This is how it begins for lots of people – you quickly understand the huge problem that abandoned pets has become in Spain.

Then I fostered lots of different breeds and sizes, and lots of puppies. I took several from the pound in Cordoba who were in a dreadful state and nursed them back to health so that they could be adopted. Anyone who’s been to a “killing station” in Spain will know that it’s no place for a puppy.

I began to read up about dogs and learn about behaviour and training and very quickly knew I had found my calling. I studied everything I could about dog training in my spare time and began to help rehabilitate and train dogs before they went to their forever homes. I was incredibly lucky to be accepted on to a prestigious International Training Program with the Dog’s Trust in the UK and while I was there, realised that I would really have to return to the UK to gain the knowledge and skills I needed to take my passion further.

In 2015 I set up a small dog training business in Scotland which rapidly grew into one of the most successful in the country. My goal was to help dog owners learn to train their pets and have better lives with them. In order to stay up to date with the most positive training methods, I regularly attend seminars and have become a certified professional dog trainer through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

6 years later, after winning many awards including Scottish Dog Trainer of the Year 2020, I’ve passed that business on to a colleague and I’m back where it all started in Nerja with a brand new one – Dog School Nerja. I run weekly group training classes in Nerja as well as private training where I come to you and work with you and your dog in your own home, or the environment where you most need help. My area of expertise is obviously with rescue dogs and I can help you at any stage of the process, even before you’ve even chosen your new best friend.

Adopting a dog can be a hugely rewarding experience – saving an animal from potential death on the streets or worse, however it takes a lot of patience and hard work. There are so many advantages to adopting a rescue dog, and this is why many people prefer adopting rather than buying a puppy. Sometimes people just want to help, because let’s face it – help is definitely needed!

Dog School284

When we bring a rescue dog into our home, it’s important to bear in mind that this dog may never have been in a house before. Things like washing machines, vacuum cleaners and televisions may be very scary. Loud voices and lots of people may evoke bad memories and induce fear and ‘fight or flight’ behaviour which can be difficult for us humans to understand. As a rule, a rescue dog will need at least 3 weeks to adjust to life in a home. Before that three weeks is up, you might find that the dog will sleep a lot, stay out of your way and not really interact much. This is perfectly normal and as a routine develops, the bond will start to form between you and the dog, and he or she will begin to trust you. Once this bond of trust is formed you can then begin to build on it by teaching a few new things, introducing new people, toys and play etc. Whether you have been a previous dog owner or it’s your first time, it is crucial to give your new dog the time and space they need to adjust to their new life and to bond with you. Don’t expect too much too soon or you could cause damage that’s incredibly difficult to repair.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with a new rescue whether it’s a puppy or an adult, is that they ask too much of them. Socialisation is definitely an important aspect, but they need time to get to know your family and bond with you first. Meeting new people and other dogs isn’t the be all and end all. Every dog is different and will adjust and learn at a different rate. Some may never fully trust humans because of their background.

You have a lifetime to explore the world with them. Let them move at their own pace.

If you are looking for help with any aspect of training your dog, or need some help and advice about adopting a rescue then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I’m here to help! Just drop me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or take a look on my website at



The Costa Animal Society

Upcoming Event

In another first, and due to the ingenuity of Jane Howard who has done a fantastic job at organizing fund-raising events when it seemed that nothing was possible due to Covid, for the first time the Costa Animal Society (CAS) will be having a Christmas Fayre on 20 November from 10:30 until 14:00.

cas XMAS Fayre 2021

Many local artistans will have stalls offering unique items that will be perfect for Christmas gifts or stocking-stuffers. And once again thank you to Fitzgerald’s Bar for hosting the event and their gracious support. Fitzgeralds is located under Supersol on Calle Antonio Ferrandis Chaquete 2 in Nerja, 951 550 585.

Upcoming events are always announced via our social media accounts. Our contact information is as follows: 601 629 938, visit the shop,or see us online at www.casnerja.webs.comor on our Facebook page \casnerja. We are also now on Instagram at: cats_dogs29780, and you can find us on Twitter by searching for Costa Animal Society Nerja.

Available for Adoption

Luna was reluctantly handed over to the Costa Animal Society (CAS) along with her brother Snow in the spring of this year by a young Spanish family who had to move into a small flat due to financial constraints brought on by Covid. The wife brought the siblings to CAS and made a donation to help pay for their vet costs including being castrated and vaccinated while CAS covered their boarding fees until the dogs were rehomed.


After six months had passed, a local resident viewed Luna and Snow’s story on social media and visited them in kennels with the aim of adopting a new dog. As much as he would have liked to, the local man could not take both dogs as he lives in a flat and can only walk one dog at a time.


He chose Luna because she was a bit smaller and he felt a connection with her. Unfortunately, Snow has never lived without his sister but he is adjusting in kennels as he makes new friends.

If you would like to meet one of the animals under the care of the Costa Animal Society (CAS), and are looking to adopt or are willing to foster a pet please contact Kurt and Laura at 95 252 1426 or view the CAS website or Facebook page.

CAS Cat News

Tina is a young six week-old kitten who was found by holidaymakers in Nerja in early October.When it came time for them to return home they did not know what to do with the waif.


It was clear she had been abandoned or lost because she was in good condition and very friendly with people. They contacted the Costa Animal Society (CAS) and arranged for Tina to be placed in a cattery at their expense until a foster place or permanent home could be found.

The generous visitors also paid for the vet costs including vaccinations and worming in preparation for Tina’s next step in life. This sweet girl has lovely calico markings and will make a wonderful pet for the right family. She is being housed at Seacrest Kennels in Nerja and an appointment can be made to meet her by calling Laura or Kurt on 95 252 1426.

For more local information about cats in need of fostering and rehoming, contact CAS For more information you can contact CAS on 601 629 938, visit the shop,or see us online at www.casnerja.webs.comor on our Facebook page \casnerja. We are also now on Instagram at: cats_dogs29780, and you can find us on Twitter by searching for Costa Animal Society Nerja.

For more information regarding cats available for fostering or adoption see the Facebook page \East of Malaga kittens or cats/Gatitos de la Axarquia.

The Costa Animal Society needs you!

The Costa Animal Society (CAS) is seeking animal-loving, energetic, social media savvy persons to come on board. If you’re a compassionate person who respects the lives of unfortunate animals who live a treacherous life in the wild, hop aboard. There is an occasional heartache, but the rewards in homing animals and receiving videos of these rescue dogs and cats romping about in their forever homes is something to behold.

We are a small,voluntary charity organisation, that has been successfully rehoming and assisting abandoned animals in the Nerja, Frigiliana and Maro for over 30 years. We are presently looking for enthusiastic people to join our committee, continuing the work started by the sitting committee, some of whom have recently stepped down after many, many (some, decades) of years of service.

Most importantly, the official posts of President and Secretary need to be filled. For more information, please contact acting President Mae Delaney on 601 629 938. (It should be noted that these are voluntary, unpaid positions.) If interested, there will be a long-standing cadre of volunteers to provide all the necessary details and assist you along the way. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

CAS Shop

The Costa Animal Society (CAS) shop soldiered on through Covid and the dog days of summer. With autumn, we hope on the way, we’ll be restocking the shop with clothing to reflect the season. We continue to offer incredible bargains during a time when we know that every penny counts. Despite rock-bottom prices, we regularly offer snap sales on various categories of merchandise, so stop by if you’re in the neighbourhood, you never know what unexpected treasure you might find.

CAS shop exterior

The shop’s large inventory is clean and well-presented, updated daily, with a friendly staff of volunteers on hand to help. Donations are always welcome - please help us to restock our shelves. Of course all shop proceeds go directly towards helping our animal friends in need, primarily for vet bills, food and kennelling costs.

The Costa Animal Society (CAS) Shop is located next door to the Good Stuff Café in Nerja at No. 2 Calle Castilla Perez. Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 10.00am until 2.00pm.

CAS is always eager to hear from people who are interested in becoming shop volunteers. One four-hour shift once a week makes a big difference. There are always two volunteers per shift making for a safe, relaxed, congenial environment. For more information please stop by the shop or feel free to call our shop manager May Delaney on 601629938.

CAS News - Sponsorship Programme

The Costa Animal Society (CAS) would like to make you aware of our recent initiative of sponsoring a specific animal in our care. Given the restrictions due to Covid, fundraising has been extremely difficult.

CAS needs you 284

Now, however, you can sponsor one of our dogs or cats directly for €25 for six months or €45 for a year. You will receive Ecards on their birthdays and at Christmas, and there will be options via our website and Facebook page for sponsors to contact us to check in on their chosen animal.

If your sponsored dog or cat is adopted before the time limit, you can choose another animal to be informed about. Sponsorships can also be purchased as gifts.

For more information you can contact CAS on 653 557 237, visit the shop,or see us online at www.casnerja.webs.comor on our Facebook page \casnerja. We are also now on Instagram at: cats_dogs29780, and you can find us on Twitter by searching for Costa Animal Society Nerja.

Can you help CAS?

The Costa Animal Society (CAS) is always in need of more volunteer helpers in a number of areas so if you have spare time to fill, please make contact! In particular, we are currently seeking someone or ones who can help with fundraising and social media promotion.

In addition, fosterers are always required to take short-term care of animals until a permanent home can be found. CAS will provide fosterers with all they need: food, medicine, bedding, leads, etc., as well as advice at any time. Even if you are only here for few months a year, CAS would appreciate your help.

For general enquiries and a no-obligation chat, feel free to contact Mae on 653 557 237.

Despite the horrors of the pandemic, CAS relies exclusively on donations to cope with the continuous flow of abandoned dogs and cats requiring our attention. If you could chip in a little to help, or consider becoming a member of CAS, we and the animals would be most grateful.

For more information you can contact CAS on 653 557 237, visit the shop,or see us online at www.casnerja.webs.comor on our Facebook page \casnerja. We are also now on Instagram at: cats_dogs29780, and you can find us on Twitter by searching for Costa Animal Society Nerja.

Bank : Cajamar

Account Name : Costa Animal Society

Account Number : 3058 0728 03 2720100283

BIC-Swift Code : CCRIES2A

*PayPal donations are also accepted through our website, under the “Donate” tab.


Axarquia Animal Rescue