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Scruffs: A great success!

CAS Best rescue dogI can’t put it any better than Woody Allen: Scruffs was “the most fun you can have with your clothes on.”  Nearly 60 dogs competed in 12 categories, and the poor judges Nete Larson and Paul Zaborocki tore their hairs out awarding the prizes.  Of course, every dog entered was a winner.

CAS Great DaneIt was standing room only and more than 2000€ was raised, all of which goes to the care of the abused/abandoned animals in Nerja/Maro.  Thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers who made this a wonderful day.  And thank you as well to Jacky of the Nerja Foreign resident’s office for all of her hard work and support.  See you next year!

Happy Tales

This month the Costa Animal Society (CAS) would like to highlight examples of veterinary care that they cover for rescues as this makes up a significant portion of their annual budget.

CAS PortiaPortia is an elderly Podenco cross female who was rehomed by CAS to a retired lady in Nerja over ten years ago but, unfortunately, the owner passed away in September 2018 and Portia was placed into private kennels until a foster place could be found.  Her luck changed for the better when a foster home became available for her in the summer and Portia quickly settled into a home environment again.

But like many of us as we get older, Portia developed health complications with symptoms of hair loss, dry skin, weight gain and tiredness.  She was taken to the vet and her blood was tested for Leishmania, heartworm and a complete blood panel was done which revealed that she is suffering from hypothyroidism and will require ongoing treatment and more tests in the foreseeable future.  This plus Portia’s age makes it much more unlikely that she will find a new home so the foster couple has decided to keep her as one of their own pets.

CAS Georgio 1Georgio spent three years in a refugio in Mijas before coming to CAS earlier this year with his brother Gringo.  In September Gringo was rehomed to a lovely family in Holland and last month Georgio had a chance to go to a foster home in Finland but they first required him to be tested for tick disease and other parasites common to the Mediterranean region

Unfortunately, Georgio’s test results came back as positive for Leishmania (Leish) as well as Filaria (heartworm) so his foster place fell through.

His initial treatment for Leish involves two sets of pills for a month which cost over 60€ and he will remain on the Allopurinol tablets for the rest of his life.  The treatment for heartworm is much more involved and more costly with a course of antibiotics for 28 days, a special pill once a month for four months followed by three sets of injections to kill the parasites.

The sad thing is that these infections can be prevented with regular treatments against mosquitoes, sand flies, fleas and ticks such as Advantix and Scalibor collars.  CAS regularly treats the dogs under its care with Advantix but this costs about ten euros per animal per month.

In addition, Georgio wears a Scalibor collar year round to contain his illnesses so they cannot be spread to other animals through mosquito and sand fly bites.  Once his treatment is completed in March and his Leish is stabilised he will make a wonderful pet to anyone who would like an affectionate little dog.

Punta Lara CAS Quiz

The Costa Animal Society (CAS) extends their warmest thanks and gratitude to Terry and Pat Wall for presenting the monthly quiz at the Punta Lara Bar this year.  Without volunteers like this couple CAS would not be able to function and continue to help the rescue animals.

The next quiz will be held on 15 November at 7.30pm and will mark the return of quiz mistress Laura who will keep the participants on their toes.  Food and drinks are available at the bar and advanced booking is recommended by calling Mark at 635 369 673.

CAS Cat News

While we spend a lot of time highlighting dogs in need of homes the Costa Animal Society (CAS) is equally committed to the care of cats.  To give you an idea of what we do, I am going to simply quote the October cat report from Fiona:

Sidney was an already neutered cat who turned up at a holiday rental home between Nerja and Frigiliana.  The holidaymakers established from neighbours that his owners had moved away deliberately leaving him behind to fend for himself.

As it was late in the season they didn't like the idea of him being left alone there after they departed so they contacted CAS.  CAS helped them to get the cat ready for a home and then, once they decided to adopt him, put him into kennels until he could be transported to them back in the UK.

Pipa and MilaPipa, Mila, Freddie, Felix and Evie were all young kittens found together with their mums in the Rio Seco in Nerja, away from anywhere where they could receive food. An urgent rescue was therefore undertaken in which the mums were both neutered and then placed in a well looked after colony and the kittens were taken and fostered.

Unfortunately, they were found to all have ringworm so had to be kept isolated and treated. All were soon cured and now have loving homes.

Tabitha was a tiny young kitten whose mum had been frightened away by a dog. When the mother failed to return to her, the dog's owner contacted CAS for help. The kitten was collected and placed with a fosterer for bottle feeding as she was just days old. She's now five-weeks old and has a home waiting for her.

Bagheera was another little kitten who turned up abandoned by his mother at a holiday home in Nerja. Luckily, he was extremely tame and the finders were able to take some beautiful photos of him so he was very quickly homed.

The two females (Tokyo and Marble) of the three tame kittens found at a cat feeding station in Nerja have now been adopted.

But we are desperate for a home for poor Ruby who was found abandoned with her brothers. They were all placed in a foster home and the boys have all been adopted but poor Ruby is still waiting for a home. She is absolutely gorgeous, very loving, used to dogs and children and has now been neutered.

CAS RubyFinally, the three young kittens that Kurt of Seacrest kennels found in a bag in a bin shortly before the bins were emptied went to Expedito's vets in Nerja.  They were all adopted together by someone who'd gone in hoping to adopt two but then couldn't bear to leave the third one alone there. So another success.

And there is now a fundraiser for the Mum and two kittens, each blind in one eye, from Capistrano who were homed and then found to have FELV (Feline Leukaemia Virus which is highly infectious to cats and spread via saliva, (grooming, sharing water etc).  They now need an enclosure to prevent them from spreading the disease. Any kind souls who would like to donate can do so here:

Life on the streets for a homeless cat is one of constant danger and a tireless quest for food and shelter.  If you would like to be part of our team helping to shepherd these lovely animals from the mean streets to loving, forever homes please contact Fiona via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CAS Shop News

CAS shop exterior

The unthinkable is upon us: winter! The Costa Animal Society (CAS) shop volunteers have been hard at work restocking our shelves with all the apparel to keep you warm: trousers, sweaters, possibly the odd muffler are all on offer.

From ladies’ and men’s clothing and accessories to linen, books, DVDs, bric-á-brac, electrics, decorative works, etc., there is a fantastic selection of merchandise to peruse, all priced to move.  The shop's large inventory is clean and well-presented with a friendly staff of volunteers on hand to help. 

The CAS shop welcomes all donations of ladies’ and men’s clothing and accessories.  Please help us to restock our shelves.  Of course all shop proceeds go directly to helping our animal friends in need, primarily to vet bills and kenneling costs.

The Costa Animal Society (CAS) Shop is located next door to the Good Stuff Café in Nerja at No. 2 Calle Castilla Perez.  Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 10.00am until 2.00pm.

CAS is always eager to hear from people who are interested in becoming shop volunteers.  One four hour shift once a week makes a big difference.  There are always two volunteers per shift making for a safe, relaxed, congenial environment.  For more information please stop by the shop and ask to speak with our shop manager May Delaney.

Can you help CAS?

The Costa Animal Society (CAS) is always in need of more volunteer helpers in a number of areas so if you have spare time to fill, please make contact!  In particular, we are currently seeking someone or ones who can help with fundraising and social media promotion.

In addition, fosterers are always required to take short-term care of animals until a permanent home can be found.  CAS will provide fosterers with all they need: food, medicine, bedding, leads, etc., as well as advice at any time.  Even if you are only here for few months a year, CAS would appreciate your help.

For general enquires and a no-obligation chat, contact CAS President Vera Newing on 608 876 488.

Despite the uncertainties of Brexit among other things, money is always needed to cope with the continuous flow of abandoned dogs and cats requiring help from the Costa Animal Society.  If you could donate a little to help the animals, CAS would be most grateful.

Bank : Cajamar 

Account Name : Costa Animal Society 

Account Number : 3058 0728 03 2720100283

BIC-Swift Code : CCRIES2A

*PayPal donations are also accepted through our website, under the “Donate” tab.


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